Is Agafay Desert Worth Visiting ?

Is Agafay Desert Worth Visiting ?

Agafay is an attractive option and a great day-trip destination place for anyone looking for a desert experience close to Marrakech. The city is near to be suitable for a day-trip; the desert’s ambiance can be experienced without planning an overnight in the wilderness. The terrain in the Agafay landscape is remarkable due to its rocky and rather spectacular nature which makes it feel as though one is walking on another planet. Even with the city not very far from the desert, it creates a sense of tranquility and isolation, allowing visitors a chance to get away from the business of the city life. Agafay’s accommodation facilities often extend this lush feel, giving a sheerly luxurious experience that challenges that derived from accommodation in the Sahara. Some areas offer an infinity-sided large pool, restaurants that serve gourmet dishes to visitors, and a peaceful spa where one can relax.
So if you’re short on time but still want a unique desert experience with some added luxury, Agafay is definitely worth visiting.

Does Agafay Desert have sand dunes?

Agafay’s landscape is quite different from the Sahara desert. If you come to the Agafay desert expecting endless rolling sand dunes then you will be very disappointed!

The Agafay desert is not a sand desert, but rather a stone desert. The scenery is dominated by rocky hills, wadis (dry river beds), canyons, and even small oases.

But don’t let the lack of sand deter you – the Agafay desert has its own unique charm and beauty. The rocky terrain gives off a moon-like atmosphere, making it perfect for photography and hiking.


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