A trip to the desert? Here’s how to prepare!

A burning sun, sand as far as the eye can see and mirages: the desert and desolate landscapes ignite the imagination. Whether you’re exploring the Moroccan Sahara on the back of a camel or on a road trip to Nevada, this arid state in the United States, a trip to the desert requires some preparation. These tips will be very useful to you!

1. Choose the right season

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of the desert? Every time: heat. And this is generally the case, although temperatures can vary greatly. In summer, in many desert regions, the temperature quickly exceeds 50°C during the day, while at night the mercury can drop below zero. Want to avoid surprises? Immerse yourself in travel guides and choose the best time to visit your favorite desert region as comfortably as possible.

2. Protect yourself from sun and sand

Near the equator, the sun hits twice as strong as here. So don’t think you’re going to get by with regular sunscreen when your shoes get filled with sand in the scorching heat. Here are the essentials for your suitcase:


Cover your skin as much as possible, but for exposed areas, total sunscreen is essential. Otherwise, you will end up as red as a crayfish. Ideally, reapply every two hours, or more often for sensitive skin. Don’t forget sun protection for your lips!


They will protect your eyes against the harmful rays of the sun and the dry desert wind that kicks up grains of sand and dust. Protect your peepers: wear sunglasses from sunrise to sunset.


If you are not used to walking for hours under the blazing sun, you risk sunstroke. With a cap or hat that covers your head and neck, preferably in natural material, you will literally keep a cool head.


Use it to cover your head and protect you from the sun, tie it over your mouth in a sandstorm, or wear it as a scarf around your neck when the cool desert night falls.

3. Wear appropriate clothing

Obviously, in an arid and desert climate, tight jeans and leather jackets should be avoided. Clothing that is too tight and rubs against the armpits and knees is absolutely not recommended. What will be comfortable for your time in the sandbox?

Prefer loose, breathable clothing in natural materials, such as cotton and linen. They will give you good freedom of movement and the fabric will not stick to your skin.
Wear clothing with UV protection (UPF50): long sleeves and long pants to protect your arms and legs from the sun and insect bites.
Wear a fleece and a windbreaker to keep warm in the evening when the temperature drops.
Wear light, closed shoes with good breathability. Sandals and flip-flops are uncomfortable in hot sand and don’t provide good grip.

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